Madhu Vyas & Swati Presented patient’s perspective in International Conference on COPD & Lung Health

“You will need oxygen support all your life now. Your lungs are weak”

This statement one day changed everything for me and my family.

While we were struggling with my constantly deteriorating health,

My husband passed away.

I saw my children terrified & depressed all the time, roaming around like zombies.

In those deepest darkest moments, I decided to be the solution to my children, not their problem.

I redesigned my life and managed to improve my overall wellbeing & quality of life day-by-day.

Then I thought about how many people are like me.

One day I and my daughter Swati Vyas did a simple google search that shocked us.

Respiratory diseases are the leading cause of death globally.

We founded Breathing Warrior Movement to help 10 million people redesign & manage their lives with long-term breathing problems without fear, confusion, and depression.

We are the Bridgers on one mission – Improved quality of life for patients, caregivers, society & medical professionals.

Moving forward on this path each day, today we celebrate one of the key milestones.

We shared our thoughts & Breathing Warrior Action Plan with a global audience consisting of expert doctors & scientists in the field. We were the only patient representative and that too from #india

This amazing opportunity happened on 8th October 2021 & we thank the 8th International Conference on COPD & Lung Health, organising committee Bhavya B & Elina

It was a great experience being an international speaker & authoring for an international journal along with interacting with amazing speakers.

Thank you, Universe for everything.

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