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What is breathing? 

Process of taking in the air (oxygen) and giving out air (carbon dioxide).

Why do I forget to breathe? 

We do not forget to breathe, it is an action controlled automatically by the brain. We can control the amount of air we breathe in and out through breathing exercises. 

How does lack of O2 affect the brain? 

Our brain depends on oxygen for its survival. In the situation of lack of oxygen, our brain cells begin to die. As a result, it can cause severe brain damage. 

Why does breathing help anxiety? 

Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen, sending the brain a message to calm down. The brain in turn sends the message to our body and we feel calm and relaxed. 

Which is the main body part related to breathing?

Your lungs are part of your respiratory (say: reh-spi-reh-tree) system. They enable you to take air inside your body, filter out the oxygen and throw out the stale air outside the body. 

 How can we improve our lung health?

By breathing consciously.

What are the exercises for strong lungs? 

Deep Breathing: Breath deeply but gently. Breathe in through your nose, try to hold your breath to a count of 5 and breathe out through your mouth, rolling your lips like whistling. Deep breathing helps in reducing stress, increasing immunity, improving postures, lowers blood pressure and improves digestion. 

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