A tour to Human Respiratory System 

Welcome to BreathBio video 1. This is a Breathing Warrior initiative.

This is a series of videos & articles.

Our aim is to provide you more information about human body and its working in a simple & understandable language.

Swati Vyas, MSc, PhD

This is especially useful when you or your loved one is going through some health challenges. We understand that no one can obviously go back to school for biology lessons.

So we end up googling the queries and find out the answers. But it often becomes reason for added stress. Internet bombards information and an already stressed mind ends up in getting more confused rather than getting any clarity.

“First thing I pledged was that I will not google the disease doctors told my mother has… I knew it would make me more confused and anxious.”

A friend told Swati over a phone call once.

But no matter how much it looks difficult or hurts, it becomes necessary to know about ones body. Especially when you or your loved ones are dealing with heath challenges, it is no more limited to a subject or grades. Now the life is at stake.

Right and concise information in understandable words at right time is most powerful weapon in the battle against chronic illnesses.

Swati Vyas, MSc, PhD

Information is not powerful. Right Information at right time is powerful. Only when we know what’s wrong we can do something about it. But to understand what’s wrong, we must know what’s does the right way means.

With these thoughts in mind, my mother started learning more about her body via various sources, primarily I was the source being a PhD in Biology.

I realised that my biology education helped me a lot in dealing with my elderly parents medical & emotional needs.

No matter who teaches me or I read it from somewhere. What you tell me that I understand the best. You make it so simple and interesting to understand.

Madhu Vyas to Swati Vyas

I am good at explaining hardcore biology stuff to a non-biologist patient. Many people reach out to me in person to know what’s happening with their loved ones suffering from respiratory diseases and hypoxia.

Hence I am sharing the same info with all of you with a hope that this might reach the right person at right time.

CAUTION: You might feel like – Is it a biology lecture? Am I a medical student? Why do I need to know all this? I just want a remedy! No lecture, please…

Here is the breaking news for you. There are no quick fix in life. If you just want some one else to hand you the remedy then you are knocking the wrong door. You will have to become a diligent biology student because Biology means Bio – Life and logy – science. It’s a science of life and hence becomes an art to live and breathe.

But I can promise one thing. I will attempt to keep it as simple & to the point as possible.

If you have reached here then there are high chances that you or your family member is been diagnosed with a respiratory disease and you are looking for answers.

Take a breath, hold our hands. We just want to tell you, journey ahead is not going to be easy. But you don’t have to be alone. We are in this together.

We invite you to join breathing warrior community.

Swati Vyas & Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior

Before jumping into dis-eases, let’s know more about “eases”. I mean lets have a look at a healthy breathing or respiratory system. (Watch the video below for 360 degree and 3D view)

360 Degree view of Typical Human Respiratory System (Video Created by Digital Meraki)

Why is it called “system?”

First of all, It is called a “system” because there are no lone-wolves in biology. Just like a car, the body works in synchronisation with all the systems. If air pressure is less in the tyre or even a screw is not in place in the engine the car won’t work properly. The same is true with our bodies.

Organ systems are complex networks of organs and tissues that work together to maintain a series of major functions of your body.

In the above video, you looked at the 360 degree view of the system that helps you breathe along with many other functions. It is called as the respiratory system. Read it as “reh-spi-reh-tree”


If you are thinking that it only helps you to breathe then you are mistaken. Wondering what all does it do for me?

  • Helps you inhale (breathe in) and exhale (breath out)
  • Enables you to talk, sing and smell
  • Maintains air temperature and humidity to match with your body’s internal environment
  • Fills your blood with oxygen to reach the cells of the body
  • Helps in removing waste gases such as excess carbon dioxide from your body
  • Protects itself from bad air and harmful substances coming from outside

If you know more then please put them in the comments.

For more, visit breathingwarrior.com

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