My Crossway from Suffering to Transformation – Life of Breathing Warrior

Life presents us with numerous battles, both environmental and inner world.

On a battlefield, we have only two choices;

  1. Give-up and lose, or
  2. Never-give-up and Win at the best.

Our Breathe is equivalent to our life.

We are called alive till the time we take our last breath.

But life takes an unimagined turn when it puts you in a battle against your breathing.

Though medical science provides various weapons to equip such a person, such as external oxygen support, medicines, others.

I have had my sufferings and experiences with this extreme breathing condition.

Going through this I realized the most important weapon to win this battle is the warrior himself.

This made me take the Crossway from Suffering to Transformation.

I assimilated that adapting to the changing situation is the best way possible here.

Because it’s not just about breathing; it’s about “the living”.

I am convinced by the duality of life.

The one who is born has to die one day; has to stop breathing anyway.

It’s not about how many breaths we take in this lifetime, more important is what do we do while taking those breaths.

If you understand this last sentence, you will also agree with me.

No matter what life gives us to play with, it’s totally up to us that we take it as trouble or opportunity.

I took it as an opportunity to transform my life and thrive, rather than merely survive!

Currently, I efficiently manage my health challenges.

I live a fairly good quality and fulfilling life.

I transformed myself from a Suffering patient to “The Breathing Warrior”.

Yes, life is as simple as we want it to be. But, is it easy?


Who said simple is equal to easy?

One has to pay a high price for transformation in the form of perseverance.

I know this sounds scary and directionless.

But, these are characteristics of the transformation process. It is meant to be chaotic.

It becomes easier to walk on a path if it is not unchartered territory.

When we know someone, just like us, has gone through it.

Someone is there to share the story of their journey in the rawest form.


No filters!

This is why now I’m on a mission.

A Movement to Enable 10 million people like me to Redesign their life with Long-term Breathing Challenges & Oxygen Therapy by Adapting to a Resilient and Resourceful approach towards life. I believe this is an effective way to improve our Quality of Life.

Also, I am happy to share with you that I am soon launching my first book. I have faith everyone who reads it will be able to relate to it and get great value out of it. I say so because, if you are reading it right now, that means you are breathing. If you are breathing then this is the book for you!

Hope the best for you!

Madhu Vyas

Breathing Warrior

Legend in Making


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