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Ep #9: Healing Power of Story Telling – The Madhu Vyas Show

Welcome to the 9th episode of “The Madhu Vyas Show”.

25 September 2021 – 05:00 P.M. in India

Warrior of the week: Amit Khanna

Amit is:
 i) Passionate about art & science of Storytelling
 ii) Agile Project Manager
iii) Storytelling Master & Mentor
 iv) Excellent at solving critical problems

He is happily married and lives in Melbourne, Australia with his family.

Amit is a Storytelling expert.

He helps people understanding the art & science of storytelling to express themselves effectively & communicate meaningfully.

This has a great impact on an individual’s life and success in every walk of life.

Amit Khanna’s Journey 

Mr. Amit Khanna grew up in a very loving family. His parents loved him a lot but at the teenage of 15 he lost his father being the only child all the responsibility came on his shoulder and as a result, he had to work in many places which helped him to gain knowledge regarding many things.

At his very teenage he had to face many difficulties which resulted in low immunity power which leads to paralysis.

4 times he was attacked by paralysis and at the last, he had to do a spinal cord test where he had to sit like a baby position where his head was touching his feet and a 5 – 6 inch needle was injected and a single by a single drop of fluid from his marrow was taken and send for the test.

After the test, he was not properly guided and as a result, he had to go through many other problems. His body was dehydrated and brain was swollen and traces of blood were found.

It was his not to give up mentality and strong mindset which help him to ignore all difficulty, fears, and gossips of people and lead himself toward his purpose
This helps him to find the purpose of his life and his strength which is storytelling and guiding people toward a brighter future

In this conversation, Amit Khanna had shared:

Why must stories be told?
The story is very powerful. It left a long-lasting impact on our hearts and brain.
If a very difficult thing to memorize is told in story form that will help us to memorize the fact of the story.
Stories help to inspire and influence us.
Gyan is like a motivational thing that no one wants to understand but when you are tied up with your story then it has got some meaning then it got some life in it, it is relatable and also touches your emotion, life, and situation
We can relate to a story easily because our brains are wired to it whereas data we forget very easily

How do suppress emotions lead to diseases?
When you suffocate your mind you suffocate your life
When we don’t express our emotion it keeps on dumping within us and lead to serious health and mental disorder.

How to present a story?
While presenting story two think should keep in mind
⦁       When you have to tell the story
⦁       How you will present it

Storytelling is an art and science

The story is an art because the speaker should know how to convey the lesson of his life in a story form so that others can gain experience from it.

How you put your work in a particular frame is an important art.

It is a science because story triggers the mirror neurons which help us to visualize the whole story and help us to remember forever

Science of stories included mirror neurons and brain hormones

Sometimes people need someone to listen to them without judging. Unable to share your feelings leads to mental disorder or depression which will harm yourself, so storytelling is a way where you can share your feelings with others in a way where others can gain knowledge from it.

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Host: Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior
A 65-years-old lady with an oxygen tube on a mission –
Breathing Warrior Movement.

Host: Swati Vyas, PhD
Biologist – turned – Entrepreneur & Mentor, Ambitious Caregiver
Daughter of Madhu Vyas & Shyam Lal Vyas

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