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Ep #6: Grief Struck to Grief Coach – The Madhu Vyas Show

Warrior of the week: Ashley Gooden-Stewart

Ashley is:
 CEO and Founder of The Baby Stewart Foundation &
 Pocketful of Hope
 Grief Coach

She lives in La Marque, Texas, the USA happily married to her husband.

Ashley is a Grief coach & expert when it comes to helping people with handling & going through the journey of grief.

Ashley who is a social worker she provides people with the basic necessity of life especially to the mother and their children so that they can live a healthy and healthy and hygienic life

She has her own foundation established by the memory of her baby she has 3 children who died due to dehydration, she also helps people by collecting donations and help people by going to different places and providing them with basic necessities.

Grief is a natural human response to the loss of his/her loved one.
It is a journey, not a phase. It has many stages of anger, depression, denial, acceptance, and emotion.  

She advised us that we should not stop sharing our feelings due to someone else’s thoughts. People feel grief for a person when that person loves them. if we keep our grief only within us it will destroy us from within so we should share our feelings.

She also shares with us that she also loses her 3year old child and after that, she gone under depression and she was broken but later she realizes that her children don’t want her to end her story like this so she started to rebuild herself by helping other by being a grief coach so that she can help other by help other to overcome the pain and grief so that her child lives within the prayers of other she did all these things under the shade of her mentor.

The CoHost of the show Swati Vyas the daughter of Madhu Vyas shares her life story was she lost her father and how she went under a grief Zone and how she overcome it and face the world under the guidance of her mentor she also said the most beautiful time comes after a dark phase of our life.

Griefcoach is someone who had experienced the same in his or her life and helps others to overcome their grief by providing them with moral support and tips as a conclusion they suggest that we should remember our loved one by the joy we should not be sad while remembering them this will spread negativity to the universe and will also make us sad so we should try our best to be positive and do the things which will help our loved one to be happy
Host: Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior
A 65-years-old lady with an oxygen tube on a mission –
Breathing Warrior Movement.

Host: Swati Vyas, PhD
Biologist – turned – Entrepreneur & Mentor, Ambitious Caregiver
Daughter of Madhu Vyas & Shyam Lal Vyas

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