Why does Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior Deserve a Second Chance to Live?

This question came to my mind because everyone I talk to these days (regarding Maa’s current hospitalisation) asks me this question.

and as soon as I tell them that she is 65 years old, they say… “Age factor bhi to hai na!”

I sense the feeling behind this question and comment.

We have a notion and a clear bias regarding the elderly population. We believe they are liabilities and can barely contribute anything to anyone on this planet. Does that mean we must slow down our efforts to provide them life-saving medical treatments?

If you are really looking for reasons to save a life, then here is a list to answer your questions:

Why should Madhu get a second chance to live?

No one can “tell” anything to anyone, but yourself. So I can show you some glimpses of Madhu’s life and leave it to your wise hearts to decide.

Who is Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior?

Madhu is a vibrant and inspirational lady, living with an oxygen tube from 2017 (due to lung disease, Interstitial Lung Disease – ILD).

She is a well-educated (M.A. Indian Instrumental Music – Sitar) citizen of India.

She is an amazing daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend.

Ajanta-Ellora family vacation, 2013
Left to Right – Mr Shyam Lal Vyas (Madhu’s Late Husband), Swati (Madhu’s daughter), Mrs Madhu Vyas

She lost her husband to a series of brain strokes leading to a massive heart attack in 2018. She was already on 24*7 oxygen support and needed her husband’s support utmost.

Open letter from Madhu to her husband on his death anniversary


Madhu was left with two adult children, who gave up everything to take care of their mother. She could not bear her children living like zombies after their father left, constantly in fear of losing their mother as well. She promised herself, “I will be the solution to my children, not their problem.”

Photoquote written, designed and created by Madhu Vyas to spread her message through digital media

Despite all challenges, she did not give up. She rose again, and stronger this time.

Madhu took charge of her life as a warrior. Slowly and with consistent efforts and care her health improved.

She thought there will be so many like me living in shadows and depression. She expressed her wish to help these people to her children.

At the age of 64, with continuous oxygen support when people start waiting for their final day and give up on life. Madhu found a mentor and entered into the world of self-development and upskilling.

Sharing virtual stage with the Mentor, Dev Gadhvi & sharing her success journey with hundreds of new passionpreneurs at Passionpreneur 3-Day Masterclass, 2021

Madhu converted her pain and compassion into passion & started Breathing Warrior Movement to help millions of others like her, living with chronic breathing problems.

Madhu tells about Breathing Warrior Movement

Within one year she learnt the English language, social media, content writing, book writing, public speaking, video making, LIVE talk shows, graphic designing, using new apps like voice-to-text, clubhouse, Instagram, LinkedIn!

She has read more than 20 books, even though her eye-sight is blurry. She found a big lens to read. When it was impossible to read with it as well, she started listening to audiobooks. But they were mostly in English, so she found out apps and translations of the books in Hindi but did not let any excuse slow down her unstoppable attitude.

Post crossed million views on Linkedin with a week and
thousands of people got inspired and connected with Madhu & Swati

She has published many articles in magazines.

Article published in May 2021

She started spreading her positivity along with knowledge gained through experience to individuals, social media as well Radio, Interviews, National & International conferences.

She received Young Senior Award in 2021 from The Circle of Legends online forum.

Madhu Vyas was awarded as Young Senior by TCOL in 2021 at the age of 64 years

She has shared her story and experiences in many interviews and talk shows.

Madhu Vyas has been interviewed by many on virtual platform

She hosts a weekly online talk show, “The Madhu Vyas Show”. The guest list includes expert doctors, physiotherapists, patients and their caregivers. They share their knowledge and experiences to spread awareness about respiratory diseases and their solutions.

The Madhu Vyas Show

In October 2021, she virtually joined International Conference on COPD and Lung Health as an invited speaker. Here she gave a 32 minutes talk where she addressed the patient’s perspective living with respiratory diseases, especially in India.

Madhu and Swati jointly published their first article as well on the same topic.

Madhu loves to doodle, sing, dance, cook, gardening, exercise, socialise & learn new things.

Check out Madhu’s Instagram


Madhu has inspired many people across the globe. They call her inspiring and unstoppable.

When I saw Madhu ji talking on video in front of hundreds of people with such simplicity yet with amazing positivity, I thought to myself, “If this lady with an oxygen tube can do it, so can I.”

Many have said this about Madhu

She fills the room with light & happiness. She converted her pain from compassion to passion.

In extreme distress conditions…
in the hospital
one night at 2 am, I asked her
“Maa, do you think all tasks of this life are over?”
She nodded, “No, my mission…”

Tears rolled down my eyes…

I had goosebumps…

I responded, “From where do you muster this kind of resilience & compassion. I am blessed to be able to have you as my mother, my partner, my soulmate… I love you, Maa. I respect you!”

I said to myself

I am Swati Vyas, a daughter with determination on a mission…
I will find a way to save Maa…

I have to be more effective & mentally tough.

I am not doing this only for myself or Maa…

But for those millions whose life we can add value…

No matter how hard it’s my duty & responsibility as a human.

I started #saveMadhu #savethewarrior campaign to raise funds & prayers for her lung transplant surgery and post surgery treatment in the ICU.

Swati Vyas, daughter & primary caregiver of Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior

Even on the ventilator, more than 2 months in ICU post-lung transplant she musters the strength to smile whenever someone calls her name – Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior

Swati Vyas

Watch a short video about Who is Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior. CLICK BELOW

MADHU IS NOT ONE PERSON. She represents power of humankind.

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