Ep 1: Inauguration of The Madhu Vyas Show – Lady with an Oxygen Tube on a Mission

We appreciate you for coming to our talk show “The Madhu Vyas Show ” and sharing your thoughts.
Here are some details about this virtual show:


Living with long-term medical conditions, especially invisible ones like breathing difficulties changes the course of life for the person and their families.
Embarking alone on this journey can be extremely horrifying, lonely and chaotic. Sharing our experiences and the lessons we learn along the way can change the tangent of the journey of someone just like us.


Educate, Empower, Engage and Entertain the audience on the matters of life, especially the crucial role of breathing in our lives.

In this talk show, you will meet a variety of guests ranging from inspirational personalities to subject experts. A new guest every week addressing new aspects of life.

One thing is for sure you will get a high dose of hope and positivity from this show. Madhu believes that the most beautiful thing in this world is to build a bridge of hope on the sea of despair.

Who we invite as our Guest Speaker?

This journey’s success is resultant of teamwork.

Dream Team = Breathing Warrior + Breathing Caregivers + Medical Professionals + Compassionate Givers

You are welcome to this show if you are one of:

Breathing Warriors
  • We believe the power of the human spirit can overcome any physical incapacities. Relentless Fighter who refuses to bow down to their prognosis. Smiling faces living with breathing problems, (with or without continuous oxygen therapy).
Breathing Caregivers
  • We believe we all are caregivers, at some point in life. Breathing caregivers are those invisible/silent warriors who are the first line of caregivers. Usually, these are family members who relentlessly devote their lives to take care of their loved ones battling chronic illness. Also, they can be professional caregivers who support and assist these breathing warriors in their daily lives.
Medical professionals
  • We believe Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Respiratory therapists, Physiotherapists, Mental health specialists, etc. are one of the four most important pillar of patient’s overall wellbeing.
Compassionate & Inspirational Givers
  • We meet many people in a lifetime. But there are some inspirational & optimistic people. These people make our ecosystem worth living. Such individuals not only encourage breathing warriors and their caregivers but also provide the essential physical, mental, emotional and spiritual environment. They also contribute to the breathing warrior movement by spreading awareness and take conscious breathing as a lifestyle. If you think your story is inspirational, then please join us and share your story as an act of kindness to the humanity.

Breathing Warrior Movement Mission:

Enable 10 million people and their family caregivers to Manage their Life with Long-term Breathing Problems to live happily & Improve Quality of Life without Losing Hope & feeling Dependent on others


A world where patients & caregivers lead a good quality of life with purpose and fulfilment despite any physical incapacities, especially breathing problems without ignorance, social bias & taboo. Let’s go beyond breathing!


We go LIVE: LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube platforms every THURSDAY – 09:00 P.M. IST

Let’s Go Global

If you reside OUT OF INDIA – Let us connect and understand your time zone.

Contact us:

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