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Ep #10: Thriving 25 years Life after Vocal cord cancer – The Madhu Vyas Show

Warrior of the week: Shrenik Shah

Shrenik is:
Leading fearless life after surviving vocal cord cancer for the past 25 years
Distinctly Audible Voice
Patient Leader Hero Award Winner 2021 USA
Global Influencing Speaker

Shrenik has transformed his natural disability of speaking with a distinct voice.

He has created a lifetime identity & opportunities for himself.

He has touched 40K+lives through 150+live talk shows

He is a renowned advocate for the cancer community supporting over 30,000 patients in the last ten years.

He is happily married and lives in India with his family.

He is a motivational speaker and works towards inspiring people to thrive after cancer.
Shrenik Shah in his 40s recognize by vocal cancer at the 4th stage which snatches away his voice he was the only earner of his family. His wife provided him with moral support and fortunately, they got a good Doctor who guided him in a proper direction.

According to Shrenik, a destroyed car went to the garage for repair in the same way he is being hospitalized just to recover from his disease.

He had to use a device that help him to speak the device translate the vibration into voice

He is a person who never gets scared due to the situation, he stands still in every situation and faces every situation even it the worse
He received an award internationally representing India

He suggested it be the water, not the alcohol because the water flows from the tips of the Himalayas to different parts of the world but if you choose to be the alcohol just like you will remain captivated within an enclosed room.

Everyone has problems in their life, the worst situation appears in everyone’s life but it depends on you how you will face it.

If you lose your hope at the start you can win what you deserve in your life but if you keep a never-give mentality sun will shine it can be late but it will shine.

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Host: Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior
A 65-years-old lady with an oxygen tube on a mission –
Breathing Warrior Movement.

Host: Swati Vyas, PhD
Biologist – turned – Entrepreneur & Mentor, Ambitious Caregiver
Daughter of Madhu Vyas & Shyam Lal Vyas

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