“Live Extraordinary Human – Oxygen tube is never an excuse for Madhu Vyas” – Anju Choudhary

Words are not enough to describe the metal of this Iron lady. Madhu Ji has been a great inspiration not only to a lot of people whom she gets in touch with, but I can say that she has been inspiring me day in and day out through her grit and the never-give-up attitude. She has always gone that extra mile to achieve whatever she wants to achieve and in the process has proved that age is only a number. Nothing comes in her way. She has a titanium Mindset and is always eager to learn new things. She is the live example of that extraordinary power of human beings, oxygen tube is never an excuse for her. She is on a mission. She is doing her chat show, her social Media content & her book is also on the way. It was my privilege to contribute to her life in my own way, and in return, she has contributed a lot to my life. I wish her good luck with her mission.

Anju Choudhary

Life Designer

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