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Ep #4: Say No to Stigma attached with Respiratory Diseases – The Madhu Vyas Show

Stigma, shame, blame, and discrimination are experienced by patients with lung disorders on a day-to-day basis.

Stigma is experienced by a patient when he/she is termed as less desirable, handicapped, infected, not good enough, or even unlucky.

It’s ironic how some of us knowingly or in ignorance behave insensitively towards the individuals living with respiratory disorders.

Insensitive comments and behaviour become the source of misery & despair in addition to the pain such an individual endures with breathing problems.

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Welcome to The Madhu Vyas Show, Episode 4

which aims to:

Engage and

the audience on the matters of life, especially the crucial role of breathing in our lives.

In this talk show, you will meet a variety of guests ranging from inspirational personalities to subject experts. A new guest every week addressing new aspects of life.

One thing is for sure you will get a high dose of hope and positivity from this show. Madhu believes that the most beautiful thing in this world is to build a bridge of hope on the sea of despair.

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We will say NO to the stigma attached to respiratory diseases
along with our guests – Barun Mathur & Soumya Khare

Swati Vyas & Madhu Vyas

Barun got married on 15th February 2015   but soon he got attack by normal cold in 2017 but 2-3 months its wasn’t recover then they went to a doctor who told he is suffering from chronic sinusitis which is allogenic disease symptoms are normal cold, headache vertigo

It was chronic  sinusitis doctor suggest some remedy but it didn’t work
soon he was wheezing which means making sounds while talking
then he was detected by Asthma

After that, they decide to move to ayurvedic treatment but it works for only 2-3 months.

Barun was diagnosed with Allergic Asthma in 2017 and got admitted in 2018 due to low oxygen levels but finally, the medicine worked and the doctor helped to recover him by motivating him

After this Barun became more aware and watchful towards his health & well-being. This helped him to improve his quality of life with sinusitis & seasonal allergies.

A critical role is being played by his life partner, Soumya Khare, who is his primary caregiver.

This young, ambitious & progressive couple battles often the stigma attached to respiratory diseases.

Casual yet insensitive comments and demeaning looks of people around them is a common scenario.

But they win these battles with their positivity & mindfulness like true breathing warriors.

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It’s not just about Barun & Soumya but millions of people who live with breathing problems and face such mental harassment every day.

They experience issues related to loss of independence, altered family dynamics, feelings of social isolation, embarrassment, guilt, fear, and body image disturbances.

They often develop the fear of being discriminated against and labelled incompetent.

A patient’s experience of his/her illness becomes a contributing factor to poor psychosocial, treatment, and clinical outcomes.

Barun & Soumya

Care, Compassion & Respect are the means to support such people
because they are not their disease, they are beyond their body & mind.

Watch the full episode by clicking below:

“No physical incapacity can limit the power of the human spirit.” – Madhu Vyas

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