Ep#2: Software for Successful Life with Sushant Kumar – The Madhu Vyas Show

Namaste, Namaskar, Hello Welcome to the 2nd episode of “The Madhu Vyas Show” on 5th August 2021, 09:00 p.m. IST

It’s a weekly live online talk show which aims to: Educate, Empower, Engage and Entertain the audience on the matters of life, especially the crucial role of breathing in our lives.

In this talk show, you will meet a variety of guests ranging from inspirational personalities to subject experts. A new guest every week addressing new aspects of life.

One thing is for sure you will get a high dose of hope and positivity from this show.

Madhu believes that the most beautiful thing in this world is to build a bridge of hope on the sea of despair.

Guest speaker – Mr Sushant Kumar

Host – Madhu Vyas, Breathing Warrior

Co-Host – Santhosh Nimmani, Proud Introvert Career mentor

In case you missed it, or wish to revisit here are the highlights and recorded video for the same.

Sushant is a tall dark handsome software/IT professional.

What’s an IT Professional doing on The Madhu Vyas Show?

Sushant is a Covid Warrior. His story is inspirational and revolves around optimism.

He was hospitalised for Covid treatment. His lung function was adversely affected. He was put on oxygen therapy for several days. But with his resilience and optimism, he came out of it like a warrior.

April 2021, Sushant was hospitalised for Covid Treatment

He shares his fear of death openly with the audience. Most importantly Sushant talks about his realisation of the importance of breathing and lung health in our lives.

In this episode, Sushant shares his secret mantra and practices which helped him during challenging times. He invested his focus and energy in learning new skills to grow in life. He also talks about how the positive environment and powerful community helped him to bounce back.

Sushant shared his knowledge regarding the prevalence of breathing problems and COPD worldwide. Also, he talked about the correct way of breathing. When we inhale air the stomach expands, and when we exhale air the stomach goes in. This facilitates the diaphragm to expand and contract. Lungs get proper space to breathe in and out.

Sushant’s Personal Life:

Born in a small village of Bihar called Rangra, in a lower-middle-class family. His grandfather was a farmer. Sushant’s father, Mr Shankar Prasad Jaiswal, worked for Bihar state govt services and his mother, Mrs Manju Jaiswal, chose to be a homemaker.

Sushant is proud of his sister, Mamta Bharti, a Madhubani artist. She is a State Govt awardee for Madhubani painting.

Sushant is married to an educated lady M.A(Botany), Priyanka Priyadarshini. She is a supportive life partner and a beautiful human being. Sushant is the proud father of two adorable children. 4-year-old daughter, Pravya and 6.5 years old son, Priyanshu.

Sushant with his loving family
Sushant’s Career Journey:

Professional: His schooling was in various schools starting from Manav Bharti Mussoorie to Railway School Jamshedpur. Did B.E in Electrical and Electronics Engs from OIST Bhopal. Sushant has been working as a Project manager (UI) at Invera Inc since 2008. Sushant wanted to break free of the success trap. He wanted to do something out of the box in his life. In 2012, he started a company but it failed miserably.

Turning Point:

From 2019 Sushant was in search of a mentor, who could show him the light. God answered his prayers and he found Dev Gadhvi as his mentor. He worked on his self-transformation and improved his self-image. He rebooted his “life software” and became a confident person with high self-esteem.

Sushant with his Mentor – Dev Gadhvi, India’s 1st Passionpreneur Mentor
Reboot Zindagi

Sushant is on a mission is to transform 10 million lives by empowering them with the right mindset and skills to have fulfilled life through Reboot Zindagi Movement.

Connect with Sushant – https://lnkd.in/eCKDv8iN


One of the aims of the Madhu Vyas Show is to entertain you as well. Madhu asked Sushant to share his hobbies to entertain the audience. He shared that he used to write poems in his college time. He lost the connection since he entered his career journey.

Madhu encouraged him to give it a go and reconnect with his hobby.

Sushant wrote a beautiful poem about “breath” exclusively for the audience of The Madhu Vyas Show. Here you go:

“Saans” – A poem by Sushant Kumar

Million-dollar analogy

In conversation with our IT professional Sushant, Madhu shared an amazing analogy between computers and humans.

The human body is like computer hardware and breath is like software. Hardware functions the best when the software runs bug-free.

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