“Open letter to my husband” – Madhu Vyas

Today is my husband’s funeral ceremony (Shradh).

I felt like sinking from last night.

All the memories and flashes were running like a movie in my mind.

Today I decided to create this post, instead of sulking and crying.

I’m sharing this open letter as a message to the universe

with the hope that my emotional energy will reach my husband.

Picture of Mrs Madhu Vyas along with her Husband Mr Shyam Lal Vyas

“I wish I could have told you how much I love and respect you at the final time.

We often fail to understand the importance of a person while they are with us.

I am glad I did not lose the opportunity to express my feelings to you while you were around.

That cup of tea and conversation that we shared on 1st December 2018 is one of the most cherished memories of my life now.

You loved and supported me always.

You kept every promise of “till death do us apart”

I am happy that I married you and shared life together.

May God bless you and showers peace & happiness on you, where ever you are today, my dear.

Until we meet in the next lifetime… I will keep you in my prayers.”

– Madhu Vyas

Here are some of the comments from social media on this post:

Matthew Izekor (Women Advocate)

Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior, your words are filled with love, hope and the sweet fragrance of your husband’s memory.
I pray for every married man, including me, to become in life to our household what your husband was to your heart.
Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior, I admire your work and strength of spirit. You are bringing hope and strength to many in our world.
Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior, you are a beloved Ma.
Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior, you are a wonderful spirit.
Madhu Vyas Breathing Warrior, thank you.

Stephanie Demchik Pascual 

Strategic Marketing and Communications Leader | Expertise in Internal, Executive, External and Marketing Communications

I am sorry for your loss. Your message to him is beautiful. I can relate to it and your post in so many ways as I lost my husband in mid-August. It’s the worst pain and grief I’ve ever felt. I wish you continued strength as you navigate this journey.

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