Breathing Warrior: Breath – Believe – Bring Together

Breathing warrior is a global movement.

Our Vision – Universe of people who believe that the power of the human spirit cannot be limited by any physical incapacity 

Our Mission – Empower 10 million people & their family caregivers to manage life with breathing problems, long-term oxygen therapy, and social isolation to improve their quality of life without confusion and fear.  

Our Values –

B = Breathe Consciously 

E = Empathy & Compassion 

L = Learn Unlearn 

I = Inspired to Inspire 

E = Extreme Ownership 

V = Visualization & Gratitude 

E = Express to Empower 

R = Resilient, Resourceful and Responsible

To achieve this, we educate people to breath consciously, understand their body & it’s mechanisms.  

We empower them to believe in themselves and adopt a resilient, resourceful and responsible attitude towards life.   

We bring together like-minded people across the globe to share and add value to each other. This helps us understand that we are not in this alone and we all can grow together as a tribe. 

Our core focus is to equip individuals with long-term oxygen therapy & their family caregivers with efficient management skills & mindset. We empower them to improve their quality of life. 

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