A Tour to Your Respiratory System (Part 1)

CAUTION: You might feel like you are in a biology lecture or am I a medical student? Why do I need to know all this? I just want a remedy! No lecture, please… 

You will have to become a diligent biology student because Biology means Bio – Life and logy – science. It’s a science of life and hence becomes an art of living. 

But we can promise one thing. We will make it as interesting as a movie! 

Your body is like a multi-starer movie. There are a number of heroes. Before getting to the climax of the movie, let us get introduced to all the characters of the movie. 

Your lungs are part of your respiratory (say: reh-spi-reh-tree) system. They enable you to take air inside your body, filter out the oxygen and throw out the stale air outside the body. Not only that but the respiratory system helps you to talk as well. Interesting, right? 

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